Type of servicePrice 
Consultation with a physiotherapist (30min)30 EUR
Consultation with a physiotherapist (60 min)
50 EUR
Shockwave therapy (30-50min)35 - 50 EUR
Radio frequency therapy (high-intensity radiofrequency therapy) 30-50min35-50 EUR
Developing an individual exercise programme (with video file and description)
50 EUR
Determining load level with Dynostics
50 EUR
Individual therapeutic exercise (50 min)35 EUR
Therapeutic exercise for scoliosis patients by the Schroth method (50 min)40 EUR
Individual therapeutic exercise with Sling Therapy equipment (50 min)
40 EUR
Easy Motion Skin System Workout (30 min)35 EUR
Taping (kinesiological)10-30 EUR
Taping (dynamic)20-40 EUR
Fascia therapy (with "knives") 30-50 min
30-50 EUR
Back massage (30 min)
30 EUR
Full body massage (50 min)
50 EUR
Full body massage (80 min) 70 EUR
Massage for specific problem areas (30 min)30 EUR
Massage for infants (30min)30 EUR
Infant Handling Class 35 EUR
Infant Movement Therapy (30-40 min)
30-40 EUR 
Group session (2-3 people)
20 EUR per person
Group session (4-5 people)15 EUR per person
Group session (6-10 people)10 EUR per person
Group session for children (3-4 children)15 EUR per child