Targeted radio frequency (TR-Therapy)

What is TR-Therapy?

TR-Therapy is multidisciplinary appliance which treats many severe and chronic sport injuries, and adds muscle to skeletal disorders. No matter if you prefer massages, passive movement, muscle activation or other techniques TR-Therapy can be used in all of them. This concept significantly improves the results and notably reduces the treatment process. The therapy in itself is very pleasant with warmth flowing through the body, it creates a medical effect, such as, analgesia and muscle relaxation.

The medical effects


TR-Therapy by replacing the existing flow through the tissue creates a faster ion function, which increases the performance in the lymphatic system and results in athermal effects.


The thermal medical effects are based on vasodilation, which increases the targeted local blood perfusion and results in myorelaxation, increased oxygen and nutrient supply and therapeutic help.

The concept of TR-Therapy

Technique of the massage

TR-Therapy in combination with the soft tissue techniques increases the therapeutic effect, by enlarging blood prefusion and nutrient and oxygen supply to the damaged tissue. This combination, used on overstimulated and damaged muscles, releaves them and lets the treatment processes to go by faster.

The muscle activation technique

By combining the targeted radio frequency therapy, the isometric  or isotonic muscle contraction targets hypothermia to the contracted muscle.

The passive movement technique in TR-Therapy

TR-Therapy helps to relieve the sensitive points and muscle plasmas, which come in the way of producing full amplitude in the movement of joints. 

For example, TR-Therapy used in combination with the passive stretching of the damaged structure helps to decrease pain and immediately increases the possible movement on the given area.