Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS- Easy Motion Skin)

The newest generation fitness, sport and rehabilitation element.

Perfect muscle exercise.

Easy Motion Skin uses electric muscle stimulation as an effective method for temporary intensive exercise.

The system stimulates almost all muscles with low frequency electric impulses. EMS is a modern tendency, which gives the most effective and simple body exercise in the world.

Regardless of your chosen exercise goals, Easy Motion Skin will make your training programme much more effective in a shorter period of time.

In a one 20 minute session you can achieve results which are as close as 18 times more effective than any traditional exercises.

Easy Motion Skin provides with the maximal freedom of movement. Any prior constricting factors become history. Thanks to Bluetooth® technology and to flexible a MotionSkin, training sessions can be done inside as well as outside. The new technology has no unnecessary elements, which could constrict any potential movements.

During the physical activity simple exercises can be done, for example, by maintaining a pose and basic movements or by using it in combination with your usual exercise methods and inventory. 

The built-in electrodes in the suit have to be in direct contact with the skin, therefore the only clothing left on is underwear (women preferably need to wear a sports bra, without metallic pieces).

For a short period after putting the suit on it is necessary to make warm-up movements, which lead to an ideal contact and connection with the control device. 

The load and intensity is gradually increased, so the client would feel comfortable at all times.