Load level assessment with DYNOSTICS

DYNOSTICS is an appliance which helps to determine the load level and the possible performance.

It will help an individual to discern the present functional indicators during a load by using the spitometric method. This method is significant to anyone who wishes to begin exercise or to determine their present state during exercise. After the examination the necessary load level in which to exercise in will be shown, helping to achieve the estimated goals as soon and as successfully as possible.

Regardless of the set goal, if it is either body fat reduction, or high achievements in athletics, DYNOSTICS method will help to make this process more effective.

To do an examination a closed breathing mask is used, then DYNOSTICS registers the flow of all gasses released during breathing and precisely analyses oxygen and carbon concentration in the exhaled and inhaled air. 

Aspects determined during the load:

-       Oxygen uptake (O2)

-       Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)

-       Respiratory Quotient (RQ)

-      Maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max)

Depending on these measurements they are thoroughly analysed and a recommendation is formed about the pulse limits in which to be during a load so the following aspects could occur:

-       Body regeneration

-       Aerobic zones

-      Anaerobic zones

-       Maximum load level