Andris Sproģis



2009-2014 Latvian Academy of Sport Pedagogy. Department of Sports Medicine. Physiotherapist.

Work experience:

2020- currently: chairman of the board of "" Ltd.

2017- 2022: "ACB Tennis Clubs" Ltd., physiotherapist and masseur.2015- currently: chairman of the board of "Physiotherapy" Ltd.

2015- 2017: "J.Ķīša" aesthetic dermatology private clinic - physiotherapist.

2015- 2015: "VingroSev" fitness and health studio - physiotherapist.

2014- 2015 "National Sports Medicine Centre"- as a masseur

2008-2009 Association "ASK Riga" (basketball club)- masseur.


"Fasciq"- Physiocentre"Manual Therapy Part 5"- 

VOKS "In what cases a physiotherapist can help a patient with back pain and when a vertebrologist is needed"- 

Ortho Clinic."Manual Therapy Part 3"

VOKS"Complementary Cancer Therapy"

VOKS"BTL-6000 TR-Therapy"

BTL Industries"CoolSculpting University training programme"

Zeltiq training centre."Muscle Testing Methods"

VOKS"Spine and upper limb diagnosis and use of manual techniques in treatment"

ORTO clinic."Innovative approach to musculoskeletal therapy"

BTL Industries"Certificate of the right to practise as a massage therapist"

"LFMA Massage Therapist Qualification Maintenance Programme"

"Dynamic taping course"

"The Redcord Education Program- Neurac-2" 

"The Redcord Education Programme- Neurac-1"

"Treatlite active" laser training

"LFMA Common Skin Diseases and Treatment Principles"

"The impact of diet and physical activity on health"

"Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia" Health Inspectorate certificate of the register of a medical person in the profession of physiotherapist.

"Certificate in Physical Health Care and Promotion for Children and Adults in Nurse and Physician Assistant Practice

Certificates of "Orto" clinic for orthopaedic pathology seminars.

"SPA School certificate for Lomi-Lomi massage.

Medical Taping (Basic), Medical Taping Concept for Physiotherapists.

SPA Body Aesthetics Specialist Diploma - Massage Therapist.