Dajana Kučika

Physiotherapist/ Masseur

I offer:

  • Therapeutic exercise (strength training (isometric, active assist and active exercises); aerobic training; balance, coordination, gait training and stretching) both individual and group sessions
  • Massage (classical, scar massage and mobilisation, trigger point development)
  • Kinesiology taping (I practise more neck and shoulder - relax and stabilise, and neck hump - lymphatic taping)
  • Passive and active movement development (e.g. after stroke or shoulder loc. after trauma, surgery)
  • PNF diagonal technique for upper limbs, post-isometric relaxation technique for shoulder
  • Verticalization and training of correct gait stereotypes with crutches, walking frames, rollator
I work with:
  • Adults, seniors (neurological patients, pulmonological patients, cardiological patients, rehabilitation after trauma and surgery, obesity (adiposity))
  • Children from ~ 4 years ( with pulmonological conditions, postural asymmetry, adiposity)